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chris christie would give for one hell of a race. he will win big and he is a moderate. scott walker would give a race i don't think todd -- cruz could give her a race everybody around her wants her to run. who had their hand at the longest? over there. >> hillary? >> you once bill clinton back? been a guest. who would be a good vice-presidential choice? >> a working man that went to i believe did not show it off too much. working. to cut the gibb of sherry brown. he looks like labor you don't like labor but all little rough around the ages but she will pick somebody like that but somebody refined like it's a good wife. [laughter] she will pick somebody like that she will pick will. michael bennett the other colorado by. i don't know. i'm just having fun. jerry brown that is a little rough also working white people are looking for a hero again. they have their own problems with obama that are sometimes obvious and there was somebody to go harry out in to have the beer to feel like they could have a beer. biden he cannot face -- he cannot be vice president but i think he wants secreta
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1